Full Stack React Developer

Hi, my name is Mattias Stjernstedt and I'm a beginner full stack developer born in Sweden but currently based in Tokyo, Japan.
Tech Stack:
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About Me

Who am I

I am a beginner full stack developer and my strong points at the moment are JavaScript, React, and CSS but also have experience in Java and C# as well as the Unity game engine. I graduated from the university of Gävle(my home town) with a degree in computer science, and more specifically system development, where I learned among other things Java, HTML, CSS and how to structure a system from the ground up. Always being interested in learning new things and finding programming highly enjoyable I have since graduating kept on learning new languages and frameworks, with the most recent being React. I my spare time, aside from working on personal projects, I enjoy playing games and during winter I try to go snowboarding as much as I can.


Tailwind CSS
Material UI

Weekly Menu

An app that lets you create recipes and add said recipes to create a menu for each week.
weekly menu project
bubbles project


Classic card game Sevens made in pure javascript.

Asteroid Hunt

Made with Unity
Gather points by killing asteroids and try to survive as long as you can as the difficulty increases! Asteroids sometimes drops upgrades to make things easier..
bubbles project
bubbles project

Bath Bubble Pop

Made with Unity
Pop as many bubbles as possible within the timelimit. Add more time by popping plus bubbles, but watch out for bombs!

Municipalities and authorities’ DNSSEC and IPv6 status

As part of my thesis I worked on an already existing system owned by Interlan that checks the DNSSEC and IPv6 status of the municipalities of Sweden. I consolidated the code, added a MySQL database for storing data, and extended the functions of the site itself.
Tools used for the project includes javascript, jQuery, bash, MySQL, and PHP.
dnssec project